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Kevin is a developer and educator based in Brighton, England. He builds high-fidelity digital prototypes at He is energised by helping developers level up which he does as an egghead instructor, on his website ( and through the various communities he is apart of.

Hey everyone :wave:, I'm Kevin. :earth_africa: I'm originally from Ireland, where I grew up and did my undergraduate, I've lived in Brighton, England for 16 years. :briefcase: I build digital prototypes with my business partner ( and am excited about educating other developers. :smiley_cat: Fun fact about me: Before I started working full-time as developer, I taught 11-18 year olds Math(s) for 12 years. :map: How I found Dendron: I'm a big note taker and have been experimenting with different tools. @ianjones let me know about Dendron and I've been poking around to see if it fits my flow. :call_me: Message me about: JS, learning (practical or philosophical), PHP, prototyping.

Kevin Cunningham is a partner at SpinUp, working with clients to help them find the best technical solutions to achieve their goals.

Kevin believes in the value of testing ideas thoroughly and thrives in building high-fidelity digital prototypes for the start-ups, agencies and corporates that we serve. Our clients make informed decisions about the next steps in their business strategies based on real data.

Kevin has worked with large institutions such as the British Library, the National Archive and the game publisher SEGA. He uses his technical expertise to teach other developers and keep abreast of best practices in the industry.